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Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness


From Rananda:- There is an inborn system of ascension that is like a `ladder’ that extends from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, and it is called “The Chakra System”.
There is no need to look outside of yourself for a way to “ascend”; it is right there, ready for you to use. There is a lower `ladder’, whose rungs are the lower chakras, that takes you from Root chakra to Crown, and “Enlightenment” / “Self Realisation”; but there is also an extension ladder, that of the Higher Chakras that takes you from your Higher Heart chakra to your Higher Crown chakra, and “Christ Consciousness” / “Ascension” / “The Kingdom Of Heaven”.
Angel Art by Glenyss BourneJesus taught that, in order to enter “The Kingdom Of Heaven” one must first remit one’s sins, and it is this remission of your sins that opens the lower chakras and allows the process of ascension up the chakra `ladder’.
Chakras are subtle spiritual centres, at various points along the length of the spine. They can be visualised as a bit like donuts, with a hole in the middle.The Kundalini energy, your Soul, or personal aspect of The Divine Mother, rests, or “sleeps”, at the base of your spine until the moment of your spiritual awakening. It is at this point that you start out on the spiritual path and begin a process of self purification. Wrong thought or action in the world (“Sin”) causes the chakra to constrict and close the hole, so that the Kundalini has difficulty in squeezing through it; and that particular `rung’ is denied you until you mend your ways and purify yourself in that particular respect.
As you work at self purification on the spiritual path, you gradually open the lower chakras, one by one. At each chakra, there are certain “sins” that keep it closed, or constricted, (These have been covered in a previous message:– “The Lower Chakras And Christ Consciousness”)– When all of the lower chakras are open at the same time, the Crown chakra opens, and you become “Enlightened”, or “Self Realised” (You realise that you are Spirit)
Angel painting by Glenyss BourneAfter the Crown chakra has opened and you have become an Enlightened Soul, you can begin the ascent of the higher ladder of The Higher Chakras, at Higher Heart, which is located over the Thymus Gland, behind your upper breastbone. This chakra is “The Gate To Christ Consciousness”, and when you have opened it, you begin your ascension into Christ Consciousness, or “The Kingdom Of Heaven” spoken of by Jesus The Christ.
Specific information on opening this chakra has been given previously, but briefly; the requirements are; healing others, on an individual level, motivated by compassion for them; balance of your Heavenly / Earthly activities (Meditation, Lightworking / Earthly responsibilities); and balance of your Inner Male / Inner Female energies (At this higher level, this also results in union in balance of The Divine Father and The Divine Mother.) Through their union in balance, The Divine Child / The Christ Child / Christ Consciousness is conceived.
You now have your connection to your Higher Self, or personal Aspect of Spirit, but in order to `see’ Spirit clearly, you have to open your Higher Brow chakra (At the top of the head, at the back). This allows you to see clearly in The Light Of Spirit.
In order to “channel”, or speak with The Voice Of Spirit, it is necessary to open the Higher Throat chakra, which is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull.
Angel art by Glenyss Bourne- Archangel Michael and MaryAt this point, you have become a fully Christ Conscious Soul, and you can now heal people en-masse, and Mother Earth, by radiating your Christ Light into The Christ Grid, which encompasses the planet, linking all the sacred sites.
As an aspect of The Christ Energy, you are authorised to speak and act as Spirit, or Sananda, The Christ (The same–”I and My Father are One”)

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne
The Sacred Heart of Love
“AFFIRMATION FOR HIGHER HEART CHAKRA” :- “Let my Higher Heart be open wide and filled with the beautiful Pearly-Pink and Gold Light of Divine Love in Christ Consciousness, throughout this day and always.”
(Higher, or Sacred Heart, is located beneath the upper breastbone, and is centred on the Thymus Gland.)

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne
Angel of Expansion and Courage
“AFFIRMATION FOR HIGHER BROW CHAKRA” :- “Let me see through The Eyes Of Spirit, and in The Light Of Christ Consciousness, throughout this day and always.”
(This chakra is a radiant star of Indigo and Gold, and is located at the back of the head, at the top . Open it BEFORE Higher Throat chakra, to make the connection to your Higher Self.)

Angel Painting by Glenyss Bourne“AFFIRMATION FOR HIGHER THROAT CHAKRA” :- “I express myself in Christ Consciousness throughout this day and always. Let all of my words, spoken and written, be words of Divine Love and words of Eternal Truth in Christ Consciousness throughout this day and always.”
(This chakra is a radiant star of brilliant Aquamarine and Gold Light, and is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull.)

Angel Painting By Glenyss BourneAFFIRMATION FOR HIGHER CROWN CHAKRA” :- I am (Christ Name) Great Golden Angel Of Light; Eternal Being; in Whom I identify; – I AM.” (This chakra is a radiant star of brilliant Gold and Violet Light, and is ALREADY OPEN for your Kundalini to make Her connection.
(It is located a hand’s length above the Crown, and it is the seat of your Higher Self.)

Angel Art By Glenyss Bourne“THE TRIAD OF HIGHER CHAKRAS” :- work in unison to manifest Spirit.- Through HIGHER HEART one feels compassion for others, motivating one to use HIGHER BROW to `see’ Spirit’s message for them, and HIGHER THROAT to convey that message to them through one’s self-expression;-spoken; written; painted; rhymed, etc. ♥ Rananda.
♥ Rananda.

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  1. all helpful, concise…

  2. For the last 4 months every day I’ve been doing energy healing based on The Book of Light, and now the inside of my head/brain seems to be filled with pressurized energy that pulsates. What is going on? Sometimes my head actually hurts>>

    • Hello dear Dwight,
      I am not familiar with “The Book Of Light”, but when Kundalini rises through your chakras and comes to one that has a “catch” or block, She pulsates there while trying to heal or open that chakra; this may be a catch at your 3rd Eye chakra. If you are in the habit of jumping your attention between things, or splitting your attention, as in watching TV and reading the paper at the same time, or scanning through catalogues, window shopping, etc, your 3rd Eye chakra can catch up and give you a headache. Reading too much or eye strain, can also catch that chakra.
      Another possibility is “Lightburn”. If you bring down too much Light through your Crown chakra, you can get a Lightburn; this usually manifests as a small, coin-sized area somewhere on your scalp, that feels as if it has become sunburnt, and you have a twingy nerve running from that area down through your Brain.It is quite painful for a couple of days, until you acclimatise to that level of spiritual Light. Sometimes lightburn can also make your eyes sting and water.
      I trust that this is of some help dear Dwight.
      Love and Light from Rananda.

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  4. on the affirmations is that all you have to do is say the affirmation to open them up?? can you say in your head or do you have to say it out loud? thank you so much for the affirmations Im gonna start using them today!

    • Hello dear Bryan,
      Saying the affirmations within is OK, but out aloud is better if you are not alone. The other things that you have to do to open the chakras are covered in “Kundalini,The Lower Chakras And Christ Consciousness” The lower chakras can change from one day to the next,and you may have to make lifestyle changes in order to get them to remain open, longterm. It is best to clear your chakras routinely every day before doing your Lightwork. Take a look at all my other posts on the chakras, especially, “The Hands And The Chakras”. X Rananda.

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